Antiference 2 Way Outdoor Aerial Splitter


Antiference MS02LTE 2-Way Splitter

2 Way Outdoor TV Aerial Splitter

This product is the best for splitting TV aerial cables outdoors. Keep outdoor aerial cable connections waterproof and protected from all weathers.


  • 1 Input 2 Outputs
  • Weatherproof housing
  • Fully screened with F connectors
  • DC pass on all ports
  • LTE 4G Filter
  • Can be mast or wall mounted./li>

Box Contains

1 x Antiference MS02LTE 2 Way Outdoor splitter



Antiference 2 Way Outdoor TV Aerial Masthead Splitter

Perfect product for when you want to split 1 aerial cable into 2 cables. You can use this to split your aerial signal properly, without having to worry about water damage in the future. Antiference makes world class aerial equipment and are leading manufacturers. This is the best product in category and is the splitter AerialGuy uses on simple domestic installs.

This outdoor aerial splitter can be mounted on the TV aerial mast with a thick cable tie, or it can be mounted to a wall with wall screws. The black plastic housing is fully waterproof when screwed shut and will stand up to the British weather, providing it is installed correctly.

Box Contents

1 x Antiference MS02LTE 2 Way outdoor aerial splitter


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