Digital Freeview TV Aerial – Antiference RX12 12 Element


Antiference RX12 Digital Freeview TV Aerial

The perfect digital TV aerial for 90% of homes. Antiference is one of the best aerial equipment manufacturers in the world. Subsequently, this 12 element aerial is used by industry experts. This is the digital Freeview TV aerial of choice, when working as a TV aerial installer. Although, it does have a big brother!


Antiference TV aerials are tuned to work across UHF, Digital and Analogue Frequencies. Therefore, the RX12 aerial delivers a clear, strong signal thanks to its matched Dipole and tuned reflector. This TV aerial is suitable for use in medium to strong signal areas and all UK transmitters.

  • The RX range is a new generation of UHF TV aerials designed for the digital age.
  • The unique double dipole balances the aerial’s performance, delivering more of the signal at lower frequencies.
  • It is also impedance matched, to ensure that more of the signal is delivered to the cable
  • The reflector has been developed to protect the dipole from ghost signals, which could corrupt digital reception
  • Channel W – RX12W

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